10 Wonderful Reasons To Love Cottonsafe®

10 Wonderful Reasons To Love Cottonsafe®

Cottonsafe® Vegan mattresses use materials to pass the stringent UK fire regulations, with no added chemicals and absolutely no animal products.

Each of our Vegan bed mattresses are handmade to order in Devon and constructed on our own premises using experienced and highly skilled craftspeople.

  1. Made in Devon with all materials sourced in the UK.
  2. Completely free of all animal products.
  3. Fabulously comfortable Vegan mattresses for the whole family.
  4. Absolutely NO chemicals, so completely safe for your families’ health (and your pets). Unlike chemically treated alternatives, Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses pass the UK’s stringent Furniture Fire Regulations without ANY chemical fire retardants on the outer materials or inside the mattress.
  5. Free from foams or latex (which, by UK law, must be treated with fire retardant chemicals)
  6. Environmentally friendly – the materials used can be safely disposed of or recycled at the end of the products’ life.
  7. 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  8. Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses are Stockholm Convention Compliant (for end of use recycling) and the only UK mattress to be labelled as such.
  9. Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses are highly breathable, creating the perfect chemical-free environment for a good nights’ sleep for all the family.
  10. Honest, Pure and Safe.

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