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  1. Geoff Whiteley

    Second vegan mattress that I have bought. As good as the first one I bought. Used on the spare bed that my granddaughter sleeps in. She fell in love with it after her first sleep. Both beds that I have purchased are of the highest quality. The first still remains as comfortable as when first acquired, with no deterioration in quality. First class beds that I enthusiastically advocate on behalf of.

    Vegan Value MattressVegan Value Mattress

  2. Jackie

    A very comfortable pillow.

    Vegan Chemical Free PillowVegan Chemical Free Pillow

  3. S Ball

    We opted for two vegan luxury mattresses and our sons are very happy with the decision. We did not visit the showroom, however all my queries were answered very quickly and positively. Took a good amount of time to make a decision as we like to read the reviews, however the Luxury Vegan Mattress is new in the range and therefore took the decision independently of customer feedback. When the mattresses arrived it was obvious how nicely crafted they are, with the abundant luxury layers of bamboo and hemp fillings and soft cover. We chose medium support and this, I am happily informed, is providing a soft/supportive sleep experience. The big plus for me is dealing with a small and caring family business, producing chemical free mattresses for those who value this option in their homes. The vegan option for us was not based on a vegan life choice – we were happy with the list of all the fillings used in all the various mattresses! We took into account “wool aromas” mentioned in some reviews and felt this non wool option suited our young adults. We have a Budleigh wool mattress.

    Vegan Luxury MattressVegan Luxury Mattress

  4. R. Charlton

    We bought the mattress for our daughter. She is very pleased with it. She finds it very comfortable to sleep on, not too hard or soft and always has a good night’s sleep.

    Vegan Value MattressVegan Value Mattress

  5. B. Bate

    I am delighted with my mattress, it is so comfortable. It is also reassuring that there are no ‘nasties’ in it, so you are not breathing in unwanted chemicals while you sleep. The grandchildren love it to, have to fight to get it back.

    Definitely the right decision. Thank you so much.

    Vegan Choice MattressVegan Choice Mattress

  6. N. Spiers

    I have purchased the vegan mattress and a vegan pillow and would highly recommend! I have never had a better nights sleep. They are super comfy, organic and vegan I really couldn’t ask for more! 5 stars!

    Vegan Choice MattressVegan Choice Mattress

  7. J. Laurance

    The mattress is fantastic. I’m always trying to be conscious of the things I buy and show sustainable/eco friendly they are so it was a great find.

    I was a little concerned of the cost initially but figured there was good reason, and there sure was. I had real trouble sleeping on my old mattress but my new one is so much better for me.

    So yeah, overall a great product and I hope it lasts a long time! By which point I’ll probably buy another.

    Vegan Value MattressVegan Value Mattress

  8. Wayne Iles

    This vegan value mattress is incredible. Six months on we are still very happy with it. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, yet very supportive. Best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. No nasty chemicals, No animal products and super comfy. It’s everything I was looking for. So good we bought a second one a month later. I’m looking forward to one day purchasing the Vegan Luxury Mattress with Bamboo and Hemp. Thank you so much for a vegan, chemical free option.

    Vegan Value MattressVegan Value Mattress

  9. J Gilson

    What a fabulous product. Thanks for the best sleep I’ve had in years. And knowing
    that I’m sleeping on natural fibres is very reassuring. Everything
    about this purchase was a pleasure – the mattress, the communication
    and the delivery. I would definitely buy from Cottonsafe Natural
    Mattress again.

    Vegan Value MattressVegan Value Mattress

  10. C. Sleigh

    We were thrilled to find that good quality vegan mattresses are handmade locally – we’d looked around and not found very many at all – but this one is free from wool, silk and any other animal products. Night time and sleep is so important: every night, we appreciate the supportive comfort that the mattress gives and the quality it brings to a third of our lifetime! It really does make that much difference. So thanks for making a brilliantly comfortable mattress, and thank you for making it cruelty-free. We are very happy with it.

    Vegan Choice MattressVegan Choice Mattress

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