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  1. C. Bilchak

    As an addendum to my previous comments: after a week of using it, my daughter has declared that sleeping on the mattress topper is “wonderful”. She certainly is much better rested come morning! The delivery of the second mattress topper was also on time and problem-free.

    Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper

  2. C. Bilchak

    The topper is exactly what we wanted. Needed two, but wanted to check it out first, so, after a few nights sleeping on it, we’ll probably be ordering another. Love the smell! And the delivery was very efficient.

    Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper

  3. C. Turrell

    Psoraisis Free!

    I was diagnosed with psoraisis last year after several months of being told I had a fungal infection. The itching had started on my scalp then progressed to my chest and stomach and was particularly bad at night, to the point where I had to take 2 amitryptilin just to sleep for a few hours.

    I was prescribed Dovobet which had little effect, but I did find some relief using cold tar products. In February I decided to purchase a new mattress, thinking may be dust mites might be exacerbating the condition. Whilst researching the internet I saw that you make natural Cottonsafe mattresses and toppers which are free from the usual flame retardant chemicals, so I purchased a topper. I was sceptical whether this would make any real difference to my psoraisis but was willing to try anything to stop the itching!

    Much to my amazement and delight, after only 2 weeks using the topper not only had the original psoraisis patches completely disappeared but I have had no further flare ups since then. I also discontinued using Dovobet and cold tar soap.

    So, thanks so much – I will definitely recommend your mattresses and toppers to anyone with psoriasis. It’s worked for me.

    Best wishes
    Catheryn Turrell

    Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper

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